NEED LEADS! Have you tried social media and it didn't work?

EVER WANT TO TRY PAID ADS? Have you tried and didn't get results? Yeah me too - Until I started using a combination of things to grow my reach and relevancy only then did my results start to flourish!
What I do is help LO's generate more loans to send in to me as a wholesale lender. Organically and FREE has been my angle! And I created a small #BLUEPRINT that helps you learn ad copy and how to push and pull your messages. FREE! Without Paid ads and generate business!

What happened was..... I ran an ad! And the results due to increasing my relevancy on my page FIRST with organic campaigning made my paid ads perform better! Like 1000 times better! And in the process I began developing my brand and culture more online! = #MarketDomination

With my organic reach exposure I was driving traffic to a paid ad, organically. So it increased click through and lowered cost per click. What is the best way to get going? Well if you need leads now, get a done for you solution that you can piggy back on. You can work on your organic all the while having leads flow in. I just found a secret to making paid ads more effective and have more than one solution for you to do the same.

GET SET UP FOR SUCCESS - A done for you system that allows you to customize and ad on to it! A way to truly see results right away and start your own campaigning! - A Done for you system that includes;

1. A CRM for leads to go into. (if you have one - great we can make leads go there)
2. A Community page made for an ad to be run on. - Your page doesn't have the relevancy score (see video)
3. A Professional ad with ad copy made just for you! - To collect names, phone numbers and emails
4. A follow up sequence that includes SLY DIAL - TEXT MESSAGE - EMAIL DRIP CAMPAIGN -CHATBOTS
5. Monthly reporting on funnel optimization and performance of your funnel
6. My organic training #TheBLUEPRINT for you to start learning ad copy and to build your relevancy on your own page! - So you can run (direct funnels) on it.
7. A group support channel, and FB group offers content to help you get ideas for organic campaigns
8. Guidance on custom tailoring the follow up sequences to add on to them yourself!

Fill in below and I will call you. I DO NOT SELL THESE! I help people create a marketing strategy. I help people understand funnels, and online marketing as a whole. If you want to embrace online marketing and don't know where to start, let's start with a conversation! IT'S FREE!

Disclaimer; Don't fill out the info unless you want to know the inside scoop on gaining leads online.